Thursday, March 5, 2009

Underground World!

The Kish Qanat in Kariz, Iran is more than 2,500 years old and currently has been converted into an underground town at a depth of 16 meters below the surface, with an area of more than 10,000 sq m. The Qanat is an ancient system found in arid regions that brings groundwater from the mountains, following a water-bearing formation (aquifer), and emerge at an oasis, through a series of tunnels. The tunnels perhaps several kilometers long, are roughly horizontal, with a slope. This allows water to drain out to the surface by gravity to lower and flatter agricultural land. Considered to be the oldest feat of human engineering, this system can be found still working in Iran.

The ancient water provision technology can be described as the greatest contribution made by Iranians to hydraulics. This system must have been started at least 5000 years ago in Iran. The water from the qanat flowed in a natural underground stream between a layer of corals on the surface of the island. The drinking water flowed from northeast of the Island to the sea and after 10 centuries it continues to flow.
There is an entrance fee of Dh. 5 per head. A guide takes you around and explains the salient features of the qanat.
The History of Kariz can be found in depth through the Kish Trade Promotion website. Situated in Horasan, Iran, its geographical coordinates are 31° 9′ 5″ North, 60° 23′ 30″ East.

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